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Komentarz pochodzi od Auth( ), 10.03.2013, o 18:15 (UTC):
I can't tell you how many people I've woekrd with who repressed the memories. It's the only way most victims can get thru daily life. then they start moving to the forefront when an external event triggers them. for women, pregnancy and turning 40 are common triggers. As is a daughter reaching the age of our abuse. For men it varies more and usually takes some work and journaling to get at. It's this whole concept that is the foundation of my hero's journey in Family Ties. (LOL) because kids repress things they can't handle. but always they come out, unless we get into drugs, alcohol, ED etc to pur up a wall. hope that makes sense? and no, we don't need hypnosis to get at them. they do come out if we're attentive. thx again for your blog luv this morning. Much appreciated.

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